Nov 16 – 17 – 18 – 19 – 20 – 21 -22 -23 -24 -25 -26 we still await DPPA update
The only response we get is we will respond in the next few days as we are busy.
We are keenly aware of the wider circumstances and the skewed situation some of us find ourselves in and keenly await a return to the dance floor

Note the wording is explicit.

NOVEMBER 13th – updated Qld Health review changes, we are assessing and will let you know if it means Cinders can return to the dance floor, prior to Christmas.

We like everyone that is working to the approved DPPA plan, have to wait for the DPPA Plan update
which is likely around Tuesday 17th – but could take longer.
Noting the Health Department wording currently states SEATED – ticketed events, OUTDOOR dancing – which RSPD is not.
So clarity (which has been rather scarce) is what we all await



OCTOBER 23rd     RSPD – UPDATE – for a range of reasons that are beyond our control, Cinders will not be able to return to hold dances at the present time.
We will keep you updated, and hope to see you all by Christmas.

Oct 2020 So maybe we’ll be dancing for Christmas.  Wanna book ahead ?
New Years Eve – Eve
We are aiming for then, unless it all changes then we start sooner or maybe later.

The Industry Plan was allocated to one body under the Health Directive for QLD dance related businesses with AusDance

YES we operate under an Industry Approved Plan – but we will always err on the side of caution to ensure the safety of dancers and the wider community.
For attendance compliance as numbers are currently so restricted, please book by choosing the date on the calendar and booking the number of seats.

 You can place an attendance booking using the calendar date option:
Note if you are stuck or are already registered on the Co-op site, just email or call and we will sort it out. 🙂

WAIT LIST – why are there no bookings available on some and a wait-list (as capacity is limited and folks can book or cancel anytime, when a date has reached capacity, a wait list is available, if someone cancels those bookings become available until the limit is reached. So the bookings can change daily

Some folks are happy to stay home and some would rather get back to dance, lots of changes for everyone as we all work through unfamiliar territory.


You can find out all about what we do by visiting us on one of our listed events on the calendar or give us a call
Sep 21st – Due to circumstances beyond our control – we currently have no Phone
Will update when we have one.